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Best Web3 map ever

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital.  Web3 is waaaaaay different in concept and operation from the web we know. It is

LGTBTQ+ study reveals that we are still far from ideal

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital. “Beyond the Rainbow” report by WPP, the largest agency holding company in the world, concludes

The new reality of big techs: crisis or market adjustment?

Technology giants have lower results in 2022 and resort to layoffs to face a challenging scenario of global recession, end of the pandemic and

Exploring World Economic Conditions!

By Pipeline’s International Contributor in Paquistan, Hammad Kashif The current world economic conditions are a complex and ever-changing landscape, but one thing is sure:

Retail media and CTV together

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital. The survey is from Innovid, an adtech and media performance measurement platform. Advertisers pressured by rising

Positive turning point in climate tech control

On a day with unseasonably high temperatures in New York, record rains in the Bay Area, and warnings that skiing could disappear in parts

Price is not negotiated, it is respected.

Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital. Let’s take advantage of the beginning of the year to reflect on essential behaviors

Crypto and Blockchain Companies Hire Nearly 1,000 a Month in 2021

After an intense 2021, with IPOs, rebrandings and the adoption of large financial institutions, the crypto market is also one of the hottest in

What is Martech and why is it important!

Not only communication and advertising groups, but the entire industry, is now running an Usain Bolt sprint against its own obsolescence By Pyr Marcondes

What is an M&A process?

M&A is the acronym in English for Mergers and Acquisitions, in Portuguese, Mergers and Acquisitions. This is the partial or total purchase and sale

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