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We have been connected to the technological and innovation ecosystem for over 20 years.

We are executives who work collaboratively to anticipate trends and share knowledge of the communications and technology market. We have great experience in advising from advertising companies to e-commerce in the most diverse aspects of business, whether in the growth process, or in the purchase, sale and merger phase.

what your business needs to be able to grow?

The demands could be in the strategic and marketing areas or in the legal and financial aspects: we are prepared to offer the best support in all areas where we operate.


We have extensive experience with national and multinational buying and selling groups. We act directly with the client at all stages of negotiations. Ensuring reliability in contractual processes and always seek for the best result for our partners.

Advisory Board

Our managers have experience in their own and third party businesses. Therefore, they are called upon to act in as world class seniors consultants, throughout the business design, decision-making process and the strategic management of different organizations.

Business Consulting e Growth

We specialized in developing core business expansion and consolidation activities. These include designing and managing new company capabilities, creating and applying new business platforms, implementing new products, incorporating new technology solutions, identifying niches, new tools, business opportunities and hiring new talent.


We conduct fundraising processes exclusively with investors who, in addition to financial resources, bring to the company knowledge and strong experience in its market.


In addition to focusing on product development and preparing for a broader market launch, we help raise funds with first-tier investors - who may be family, friends and angel investors. We specialize in implementing sales channel strategies and seeking capital with institutional investors for business development.

we add knowledge and experience

Our team is led by Alon Sochaczewski, a businessman with long experience in the digital market and conducting business with large global communication groups. Alon is also responsible for investments and is a partner of SOMMA Capital, a joint venture with
Meio & Mensagem Group.


Our extensive experience with national and multinational groups enables us to
display a large portfolio of transactions.
We always seek the best results for our partners.

Dentsu Aegis Network aquired Pontomobi TimeOut  aquired Guia da Semana WPP  aquired Enext Zoly aquired GPMídia Zoly aquired Saiba+ Corebiz aquired Studio12 Corebiz aquired Smartnip The B Network aquired Ablab The B Network aquired New Vegas Profit BlueFoot Topperminds Merger Pagseguro aquired Yamí Corebiz aquired IDS


iab Meio & Mensagem Proxxima Abcomm - Associação Brasileira de Comércio Eletrônico MMA - Mobile Marketing Association

Always learning, exchanging and enhancing with the best in the business. Publishers and Associations are our partners.

share knowledge, grow and evolve

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We have a dedicated team researching new businesses daily within the e-commerce, media and technology ecosystem. With a large database, we decided to publish and share with our co-directors, relevant companies from each industry, the companies that make up this universe and we leave it open to everyone to participate in this making.

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