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Pipeline Venture Builder is a growth machine, driven by proprietary methods already proven in the investment and M&A markets, through Pipeline Capital M&A's ten years of expertise, that helps companies reach their best of bests pikes, before final selling.




Know How for Equity

We are a venture builder led by experienced entrepreneurs, dedicated to accelerating the growth and consolidating the operations of your company. Through an equity compensation for know-how, we work alongside your team to achieve your goals in a shorter time frame. We provide support in various areas including business strategy, marketing, product development, finance, and technology. Get in touch with us and turn your startup into a success story.

Step 1 - Investment Rating:

Pipeline Capital has developed its own methodology, the Investment Rating, which analyzes 21 pillars of management and operation of the company, evaluating 250 corporate KPIs during the process. This methodology establishes essential parameters for the growth and maturity of companies, qualifying and preparing them for future liquidity events.

Step 1 - Investment Rating

Step 2 - Priorities/Opportunities Definition:

Identifying opportunities and defining priorities is crucial for the success of any company. That's exactly what we do in our venture builder. Together with our team of experts, we identify the best growth opportunities for your startup and define the priorities necessary to achieve your business objectives.

Based on our experience in various sectors, we develop a detailed work schedule to achieve your goals in a shorter time frame. We are committed to your success and work tirelessly to help you achieve your growth targets.

Step 2 - Priorities/Opportunities Definition

Step 3 - Growth:

It's time to put into practice everything that was planned to accelerate the growth of your startup. Our venture builder is ready to work alongside your team, to implement the previously defined strategies and ensure sustainable and profitable growth.

We provide guidance and support in the areas of your company that need it most, through a team of experts in marketing, product development, finance, and technology dedicated to achieving your business goals.

Moreover, we work with your team to define and monitor key performance metrics, ensuring that you are on track for success. Our goal is to help you grow rapidly and sustainably, achieving a significantly higher return on investment than you would organically.

Step 3 - Growth

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