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Using M&A to enter new markets or acquire new technologies

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are powerful strategies for companies seeking expansion and innovation. If you are an entrepreneur or investor, understanding how to leverage

Corporate governance as the central strategy for success in M&A

Corporate governance represents a fundamental pillar in business development and expansion, especially in an environment as competitive as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). In a

Myths and truths about selling companies

The sale of a company is a significant milestone in any entrepreneur or investor’s journey. However, this process is often shrouded in myths and

Incorporating innovation without losing focus on Core Business

Scale ventures, a strategic approach for companies looking to grow. Innovation is essential to staying relevant in today’s world. Companies that wish to remain

What to expect from the Due Diligence process in M&A?

The due diligence process stands as a critical phase that can make or break a deal. This meticulous examination of a target company’s financial,

2041: yes, the machines will come for us

In summary, machines will annihilate millions of jobs in the coming years, but AI will also generate new jobs that we cannot even imagine

Exploring the cost of capital

Essential foundation for financial decisions. Text by Rafael Vavrik, M&A Associate at Pipeline Capital Tech. The cost of capital is a cornerstone of a

Nayax completes acquisition of VMtecnologia

Acquisition immediately accelerates Nayax’s expansion into the Latin American market with an established partner and one of Brazil’s market leaders in automated self-service HERZLIYA,

When to expand my business?

Identifying the ideal time for the growth of your company. Expanding a business is a crucial and often challenging step. It’s the point where

M&A as a catalyst for innovation and sustainable growth

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) aren’t just about expansion; they’re strategic moves that drive innovation and ensure sustainable growth. At Pipeline Capital, we strategically execute

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