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One of the most successful financing vectors for early-stage startups worldwide, the Collective is the unit of the Pipeline Capital Group that streamlines access to investments for smaller fundraising amounts.




CrowdEquity is, by concept, an instrument for democratizing investments in any economy. It allows small investors to enter the capital market – previously restricted to structured funds and large fortunes – outside of conventional stock exchanges.

This possibility, in addition to representing democratization and inclusion of this investment layer, also results in a larger volume of capital flowing into smaller (early-stage) startups. For a country like Brazil, this type of financial solution is highly valuable.

A true (positive) explosion of crowdfunding vehicles is expected in Brazil as a result of the effects of CVM Resolution 88, which has relaxed and expanded the rules for fundraising and operation of entities in the country.

Every ecosystem will need financing at its initial stage: CrowdEquity addresses these needs.

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Pipeline Capital is currently present in Europe, Latin America, Israel and the USA.

Our partners in each region are businesspeople, entrepreneurs and former executives of large global corporations, operating locally with great expertise and transit in some of the most relevant international markets.

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Most frequent questions and answers

CrowdEquity is a way of raising money that allows individuals to invest in a company or project in exchange for shares (equity). It is a way for companies to raise public capital and for investors to get involved in early-stage investments.

CVM stands for Comissão de Valores Mobiliários. It is a Brazilian governmental agency responsible for regulating the securities market, including stock exchanges, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions.

Yes, the entire process is validated by CVM (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários).

In accordance with CVM Resolution 088 (from April 27, 2022), startups can now raise up to BRL 15 million per year.​

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