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A Fantástica Fábrica de Bilhões: O que a venda da Kopenhagen para a Nestlé nos mostra sobre o mercado de capitais

A recente aquisição da Kopenhagen pela Nestlé por um valor estimado em R$ 3 bilhões destaca o poder e potencial das estratégias de Fusões

Pipeline Capital Tech advisors Jettax in its sale to Vela Software 

Pipeline Capital, a global Investment and M&A company, advised Jettax, specialized in solutions and processes for tax automation, on its sale to Vela Software, part

What to consider when it comes to M&A

Some entrepreneurs start their companies with the dream of eventually selling their businesses, while others do not. In the case of Jared Andrade, founder

Pipeline Capital Tech advised Guru CRM in its sale to SPOT Metrics.

SPOT Metrics, a data intelligence and customer relationship management (CRM) company focused on retail, announced its acquisition of Guru CRM, a team management solutions

The tricks of the acqui-hire

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech. In an excellent article published by InfoMoney and authored by lawyers specializing in M&A,

M&A as a vector of innovation, by Pyr Marcondes for Morsecast

Do you think that M&A is just for big companies, or that the M&A process only starts when your company really decides to buy

Pipeline Capital Advisors Corebiz Group Purchase by WPP

CoreBiz, a leading Latin American ecommerce agency specialising in VTEX implementation, was acquired by WPP, one of the greatest global publicity holdings. Founded in

Pipeline Capital is an advisor in the purchase of JotaCOM by FSB Comunicação

The union between FSB Holding and the JotaCOM agency was finalized this week, which amplifies the look of technology, data intelligence and creative planning

Mergers and acquisitions in Brazil could reach US$ 4.7 trillion in 2022

M&A transactions hit a record in the first half of this year, according to surveys by PwC and Bain. The volume of mergers and

Pipeline Capital is an advisor in the deal between Cadastra and M3

M3 is the only leading company in the VTEX Quadrant in Brazil and Latin America, with 125 professionals, 100 clients and offices in Brazil

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