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Asesorado por Pipeline Capital, Corebiz adquiere Mobfiq

En su segunda adquisición del año, Corebiz esta vez entra en plataformas al adquirir Mobfiq, una solución móvil para ecommerce. Esta transacción fue asesorada

Asesorado por Pipeline Capital, CoreBiz adquiere el control de Mitocondria en Chile

La mayor empresa de integración omnicanal de América Latina, Brasil incorpora el 51% de la compañía chilena, una de las cinco mayores empresas de

Quantum AI: The Exponential AI

For over 20 years, Ray Kurzweil (well before Amy Webb, therefore) has been warning us that exponentiality will accelerate everything in a way we’ve

Pipeline Capital Tech advisors Jettax in its sale to Vela Software 

Pipeline Capital, a global Investment and M&A company, advised Jettax, specialized in solutions and processes for tax automation, on its sale to Vela Software, part

If you think crypto will dissolve, think again.

By Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech. “Token projects have to eat that sh*t every day’: Crypto VCs face a harsh reality

What to consider when it comes to M&A

Some entrepreneurs start their companies with the dream of eventually selling their businesses, while others do not. In the case of Jared Andrade, founder

Pipeline Group acquires Capiza and launches two new Venture units.

With this union, Pipeline Capital enters the shared financing market through equity participation and expands its presence in debt and credit operations. Pipeline Capital

Exploring World Economic Conditions!

By Pipeline’s International Contributor in Paquistan, Hammad Kashif The current world economic conditions are a complex and ever-changing landscape, but one thing is sure:

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