Pipeline Capital Launches New Mapping of the Martech & Adtech Ecosystem in Brazil

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  • New categories of AI and Games highlight the study, which saw a 20% growth in the number of companies compared to last year;
  • The tool serves as a business opportunity guide for the entire industry.

Pipeline Capital Tech has just released its new 2023 mapping of the Martech and Adtech industry in Brazil, carried out in partnership with IAB Brasil. The map indicates the presence of more than 1,000 Martechs and Adtechs across the country, representing a 20% growth compared to last year’s study, which had just over 800 companies.

In this mapping, the companies were grouped into 10 distinct categories: Adstack (195), AI (Artificial Intelligence) (41), Business Intelligence (177), Games (111), Infra Tech (42), Creative Suites (77), Social & Activation (46), Support (40), Metrics (44), and Performance (248).

Next, these same categories were divided into 48 subcategories.

The Adstack group is the area that includes the largest number of subcategories (10). Among them, the “highlighted planet” is the Communication Vehicles category (44 companies).

In another analysis, the major highlight is the emergence of two new categories that have taken up significant space both on the map and in the market: AI (41 companies) and Games (111 companies).

“For seven years, Pipeline Capital Tech has been producing the Scape Report, which are maps of technology industry ecosystems. This has resulted in a database that few other companies have, composed of the ecosystems we have mapped,” comments Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech.

Since 2018, Pipeline Capital Tech has had a dedicated team researching new companies within the technology and innovation ecosystem in the country. Using a large database, Pipeline Capital Tech has been publishing and sharing, along with prominent co-collaborators, relevant studies covering various sectors with the aim of disseminating knowledge and generating new business.

Scape Report with all maps: https://scape.report/


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