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To build or yes to builder

A skilled strategist needs to be open to advice and information from different sources, as Sun Tzu famously stated in the book “The Art

Asesorado por Pipeline Capital, Corebiz adquiere Mobfiq

En su segunda adquisición del año, Corebiz esta vez entra en plataformas al adquirir Mobfiq, una solución móvil para ecommerce. Esta transacción fue asesorada

Pipeline Capital Tech advisors Jettax in its sale to Vela Software 

Pipeline Capital, a global Investment and M&A company, advised Jettax, specialized in solutions and processes for tax automation, on its sale to Vela Software, part

Investments in deep techs are expected to increase 20x in the next decade.

Known as deep techs, startups with deep technological foundations are among the key technological trends in venture capital in the coming years. It is

Pipeline Group acquires Capiza and launches two new Venture units.

With this union, Pipeline Capital enters the shared financing market through equity participation and expands its presence in debt and credit operations. Pipeline Capital

Bootstrapping: Is it possible to create a company without external funding?

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey full of challenges and opportunities. At the beginning, many entrepreneurs opt for the bootstrap approach, which involves funding their

The systemic crises of capitalism and the alternative of a decentralized economy

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the threat of contagion throughout the Western financial system was not capitalism’s first systemic crisis. Text by

The ABCs of investments

Note: Use this material as a guide, the value ranges tend to change a lot depending on the segment and even the style of

OpenAI and investment strategy:
How the creator of ChatGPT is building a generative AI ecosystem

By investing in the next generation of AI startups, OpenAI could cement its status as the go-to AI model developer — and chart a

Global M&A Market Overview

From Pipeline’s International Contributor in Paquistan, Hammad Kashif. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are among the most critical strategic transactions in theglobal business landscape. They

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