Pipeline Capital advises Cadastra on the purchase of Maeztra

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Pipeline Capital, a global M&A firm, advised Cadastra, a global technology, communications, data and strategy services company, on its fourth consecutive acquisition in an 18-month period. This time, the asset is the e-commerce solutions company and is positioned as Most Valuable Partner (MVP) in the VTEX Maeztra Quadrant. With more than 10 years of experience, 500 projects delivered and four VTEX awards, Maeztra offers services and products designed for companies that need to create, optimize and accelerate their online sales operations, with experience in multinationals and well-known brands such as Carrefour, McDonald’s, Unilever , ABInbev, Elo, Pague Menos, Lupo, Localiza, Polishop, Mondial, Kroton, Bayer, Universal, Reebok, Reserva, Next and Ceconsud, among others.

With this move, Cadastra doubles its Commerce division formed from the acquisition of M3 in 2022. This structure is now comprised of more than 200 dedicated employees, operations in 10 countries and 220 active clients, representing around 10% of the VTEX portfolio in Brazil and also includes relevant brands served in Latin America. For example, Maeztra migrated its New Balance store to VTEX, doubling the conversion rate.

“We doubled our focus on commerce and consolidated ourselves as one of the leaders in B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions in Latin America. Our value proposition goes beyond the delivery and evolution of digital channels. Our mission is to be the main digital transformation partner of our clients, from the strategic to the tactical, through a deep integration of disciplines (technology, media, CRM, data, etc.), in a single digital native partner, which paves the way for stronger short- and long-term results for our clients,” says Thiago Bacchin, Founder and CEO of Cadastra.

The executive adds that the companies have a great cultural and strategic fit. “We had been talking to Maeztra for some time and now we have managed to close the agreement. We have a similar culture, mainly in the search for excellence and technical depth, and both have the objective of consolidating a global multidisciplinary Brazilian group,” highlights Thiago Bacchin.

Alexandre Bonatti, Partner and General Director of Maeztra, states, “With this operation we will gain scale, competitiveness and greatly expand the range of solutions that we can offer our clients. It is as if together we climbed steps in the formation of a strong Brazilian group, with emphasis on technical capacity and multidisciplinary approach.”

For Pablo Ribeiro, Partner and Director of Commerce at Cadastra, “This acquisition greatly strengthens our position in the commerce area, giving us more scale and consolidating one of the most experienced and talented teams in this market. With this we want to go beyond the implementation of e-commerce, working end-to-end in generating business from digital.”

With the acquisition, the companies will work on an integration plan for the upcoming months in order to ensure synergies between businesses, purposes and values. They

will also look at how best to leverage and share structures and people, with the goal of further leveraging execution capacity.

The acquisition of Maeztra occurs after Cadastra announced in March a growth of 57% in 2023 and the consolidation of the brands that make up its group (the holding brand DBG&Co was discontinued and the acquired companies M3 and Digital Ethos completed their integration process ). With all these moves, Cadastra surpasses the thousand employee mark.


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