Francesco Weiss: A Great Entrepreneur to Help Other Entrepreneurs

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Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital Tech.

One of the greatest challenges for Pipeline Capital Tech is to find experienced entrepreneurs with a willingness to help other entrepreneurs as a life purpose. These are very specific conditions of history and life, entrepreneurship, and shared values.

I’ll share how Francesco, a member of a family of over 20 siblings, came to Pipeline Capital Tech. It wasn’t by chance. Starting with the peculiarity of having a huge family and having lived in various places, he was shaped with a logic of taking care of others, doing many things that a teenage boy is not accustomed to doing these days. This created resilience and faith in him. Sometimes we do things that we know we have to do, but we don’t know why. It can be a definition of obedience or faith, depending on the circumstance, but we entrepreneurs have this characteristic of following our intuition.

And that’s how Weiss embarked on various ventures from an early age. At 32, he has already founded several companies, with the latest being Intelibrand with Ascential, a publicly traded English company, completing his 4th Exit at the age of 32.

Francesco has the ability to understand technology and its applications in business like no one else. Add his wide smile distributed over a large body that makes him shine in any conversation.

When I spoke with Francesco Weiss earlier this year, he shared his search for new challenges, and I immediately invited him to be our diplomat, our ambassador with entrepreneurs.

I shared our story, why we decided to grow in recent years, and expand to other regions. And again, our purpose with entrepreneurs. He identified with it and accepted to embark on this journey.

It took me a few months to publicly announce his arrival at Pipeline Capital Tech, and now I do it close to the day of the Proclamation of the Republic of Brazil, which curiously in Latin, “res publica,” means “public matter.”

Welcome to Pipeline Capital Tech, Fran. Soar high, always together with all of us.

Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital Tech.


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