DAOs: The future of business management, now without companies

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Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital.

Basically, we’re talking about companies without companies. At least not the companies we know. That’s right. They are DAOs, or, in English, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

They stem from the concept that what companies do wouldn’t necessarily need to be done by structured companies as we have them today.

Crazy? Undoubtedly. Impossible? Hmmm… perhaps not so much.

What is a DAOs?

Let’s start by imagining a company like Apple, to take an easy and well-known example. It’s a decentralized company already, although it remains, well, a company.

But it’s a company that produces phones and electronic devices without having a single factory. When these guys introduced this production logistics, nobody was doing anything like it. Not the way Apple did it. But the topic here isn’t Apple, it’s the concept of decentralization.

How does a DAO work?

The DAO concept takes this logic a few steps further. Based on a blockchain ledger and managed entirely by Artificial Intelligence and remote computers, the new “company” has no fixed employees, no classic bosses as we have today, and always operates on-demand. It produces what the market has already purchased, at the point of consumption and sale. They are pop-up companies. Without fixed physical structures.

We will still have some management center for all this apparatus, but then we are no longer talking about companies like those of today. It’s a different animal.

A set of pre-programmed rules determines how the company operates, and computers do the rest.

A study by Singularity University on DAOs explains that a fleet of autonomous taxis, for example, with a layer of smart contracts supported by blockchain, could operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including driving to the workshop for maintenance, without any human involvement.

Someone will continue to make money from this, because someone has to finance and bankroll the entire operation. But it’s a 4.0 business concept. DAOs aim to create productive systems and distribution and sales where the greatest and almost only external influence is the customers. And everything is operated in a decentralized and virtual manner.

Machines will do everything else, all the core work between an order and its delivery.

Crazy? Yes. Impossible? Hmm… perhaps not so much.

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