Pipeline Capital successfully leads Crowdequity round for FRN³

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With 10 years of operations, positioned in the Platinum quadrant of Engineering Abilities by VTEX, and counting major clients like Seara, JBS, Panasonic, Decathlon, Ânima Educação, and Fujioka among its clientele, FRN³ has delivered over 450 projects across diverse areas such as B2C, B2B, Marketplace, D2C, and B2E.

FRN³ is responsible not only for implementing e-commerce platforms but also for allocating specialized teams in innovation consulting, digital transformation, and sales optimization.

Pipeline Capital structured the entire crowdequity process, raising a list of premium qualified investors who acquired 40% of the shares previously owned by Grupo Singular Next. Additionally, it also provided management and governance advising, structuring the Advisory Board of FRN³.

Regarding the business model and partnership of FRN³, Alon Sochaczewski, Founding Partner and CEO of Pipeline Capital, states: “We have found new ways to provide liquidity for minority share sales, where we are structuring a new operation since 2023. FRN³ was the first successful operation through a private offer to selected investors. The private crowdequity operation is a distinctive and closed process for expert investors, all somehow linked to the retail and e-commerce sector in which FRN³ operates. We have also become their advisors in management and governance, guiding entrepreneurs on practices and profiles suitable for company board seats, something we do as a practice and process for several companies that work with us.”

For Rodrigo Cursi, Founding Partner of FRN³, “the closed crowdequity model for qualified investors, along with the full advisoring support from Pipeline Capital, changes our business level in terms of qualification and management. With this support, we have gained an even greater capacity for development and customer service, in a company that is consolidating itself year by year.”

FRN³ implements commerce tech projects and virtual store implementations on platforms such as VTEX, DECO, SHOPIFY, VNDA, WAKE, and UAPPI.

“Sochaczewski adds, “FRN³ is certainly today one of the few remaining crown jewels in the commerce platform implementation industry in Brazil. Our strategic business support and growth should transform potential into actual and effective growth and appreciation of the company throughout 2024,” he concludes.

PSF Law acted as legal advisor to Pipeline Capital, and Rennó Penteado Sampaio Advogados served as legal advisor to FRN and Singular Next.


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