Pipeline Capital Tech advisors Jettax in its sale to Vela Software 

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Pipeline Capital, a global Investment and M&A company, advised Jettax, specialized in solutions and processes for tax automation, on its sale to Vela Software, part of the Constellation Software group, a global company listed on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)

Jettax, which emerged from the need of accountants who required a fast and efficient process to carry out repetitive and manual tasks, is recognized as the only tool in the market to perform this work with excellence, bringing real-time gains for the professional and their office. Currently, Jettax has a base of more than 300,000 companies linked to offices throughout the country. 

Vela Software is a global company that acquires, manages, and builds essential vertical market software businesses around the world. Vela and Constellation typically maintain acquired businesses as decentralized stand-alone entities, providing vertical market software expertise, operational support, and capital to help their businesses grow organically and/or through acquisitions. 

The acquisition of Jettax by Vela Software represents an important milestone for both companies, further strengthening Vela’s presence in the accounting software market and allowing Jettax to expand its reach and capabilities under Vela’s guidance. 


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