Brazilian startups raise US$ 174.2 million in August – 2022 already exceeds 2020

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Glass half full or glass half empty? This is the dilemma faced by those who observe the Venture Capital market in Brazil. Although startups captured, in August, a volume 80% lower than in August 2021; have also already exceeded, in the year, the volume collected in the entire 2020.

Early-stage startups continue to be highlighted

The year already adds up to US$ 3.6 billion raised, less than the US$ 6.6 billion in the same period of 2021. But, according to the survey, the average value of the initial rounds shows growth: that of the pre-seed rounds rose from US$ 350.6 thousand to US$ 788.1 thousand, while that of the seed rounds went from US$ 1.5 million to US$ 2.4 million.

The drop in the total volume raised in the year is a reflection of the investment rounds in more advanced stage startups – which had a drop.

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Nothing has changed in the segment highlight: fintechs, again

When analyzing by segment, fintechs were once again in evidence: raising US$ 97.6 million in 12 negotiations in August. Soon after, healthtechs appear, with 6 negotiations, totaling US$ 47.5 million.

Since 2018, fintechs have remained at the top of the survey. Healthtechs have recently gained prominence – with visible growth in interest in the segment. In volume raised in the year, retailtechs stand out: they raised US$ 384.4 million so far.

Among the highlights of August are the raising of Caju, of US$ 25 million, and Dr. Consultation, of US$ 32.5 million.

M&As with booming startups

In August, there were 14 mergers and acquisitions, a number lower than the 21 in 2021 in the same period. But, in the year, they remain stable:  154 operations of this type are already registered, almost reaching the 155 of the previous year in the same period. The highlight is the total acquisition of iFood by Movile, for US$ 1.8 billion.

What are the signs?

It is always worth mentioning: the year 2021 was completely atypical – and a record – for investments in startups. That is, any metric compared to the year 2021 makes it seem that the market is falling more sharply than reality.

August 2021, for example, recorded the highest volume raised since the District’s historical series began, in 2013. The fact that “the first eight months of 2022 already exceed the total for 2020, for example, shows that the venture capital will remain relevant in the country”, evaluates Gustavo Gierun, CEO and co-founder of the District.

Text originally published in Captable.

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