Bringing an Investor to your business, what value does it really have?

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Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital Tech.

If you think that finding an interested investor for your business is of great value, beware. Interested people require a lot of time, great dedication and your company – to show the real value of your asset. In addition to its product and service, it has more than 21 pillars behind it that make up a company that are evaluated and go through stages like a game.

Know that the investor is looking at your company and dozens, hundreds and even thousands of others. It’s an elimination game and the chance of success is low.

Of course, your emotions and your vanity will not agree with this math.

Be rational. Always have a doctor, a lawyer and also an M&A advisor in your life. The Advisor, in addition to looking for qualified investors, will make the best selection choices and provide all of this assistance, saving thousands of hours of key people in your company – this has material value and price.

When someone knocks on your door, receive it affectionately and already indicate your advisor to continue.

Realize that it will work.

Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital Tech.

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