Celebrate: Artificial Intelligence will not replace us

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Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital

It’s not me who guarantees this, but Wired UK writers Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

The title of his article is “Mental models: imagination is a human superpower”.

In other words, we are superheroes! Let the robots come!

The authors begin with the following warning: “Today, the idea of applying data to solve all kinds of problems, from customer retention to supply chain optimization, is the standard way in which companies compete and governments operate. . But the method’s success has become so commonplace that it’s now difficult to gain much competitive advantage from data alone. Big data and AI depend on the predictive quality of the data – that tomorrow is like yesterday and the challenges we face remain largely the same. But that no longer holds.”

And they follow with the conclusion: “This indicates why 2023 will be the year that organizations will gain advantages not by analyzing data, but by harnessing the power of imagination. It will affect how companies operate, which startups are created and how talent is rewarded.”

In other words, human mental models and our dear and beloved imagination will continue to be a superpower unattainable by algorithms and, more than that, necessary to get the best out of machines and Artificial Intelligence.

The principle behind this is that when any analysis is faced with a new problem, it cannot be solved just by taking into account data and inputs that one already has. That is, what is already known. Resolving the unknown with the known is an anti-paradigm.

Instead, you need to reimagine the world and your place in it, imagine new options and their consequences, choose and act. People will find they need less data and more imagination – tweaking their cognitive frameworks or “mental models” and perhaps completely overhauling their thinking, scholars say.

Our human upside is to imagine a world that doesn’t yet exist, but could. This basic feature of cognition can be transformed into a mental tool to make better decisions, increasing the range of alternatives we imagine for the future.

One of the insights from the article is that starting next year, companies will not be analyzing data to improve marketing ROI, but will be asking employees to craft an entirely new strategy. That’s why, in 2023, human imagination will replace data as a source of value.

Here I will sell a little my fish and comment that my partner Domenico Massareto created the AI Rain platform with exactly this function: to be a base of support, support and help for the creative imagination of creatives and marketing managers. Rain was born smart enough to know he’s not smart enough in the face of the human imagination. And that his intelligence is a resource, not the imaginative end in itself. This goes on and will go on with super-powered human beings.

I have the power ! … would say He-Man!

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital

Text published by Innovation Insider.

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