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Having developed a unique methodological process, the Scape Reports – maps and complex databases of the business ecosystems that drive the tech economy – Pipeline Capital ensures the most accurate opportunity screening process, selecting the most appropriate and profitable opportunities for those who buy companies.

Supporting and leveraging businesses in search of investment, mergers or sale opportunities. Pipeline Capital started its journey by intermediating M&A operations on the sell side, always prioritizing the entrepreneur’s interest. Our proprietary agile methodologies encourage the growth of partner assets to maximize their value across all liquidity events.

We carry out fundraising processes with a large investor base, but we focus our actions on investors who, in addition to financial resources, bring knowledge and strong experience to the company in which they operate.
Pipeline Capital is currently present in Europe, Latin America, Israel and the USA. Our partners in each region are businessmen, entrepreneurs and former executives of large global corporations, operating locally with great expertise and transit in some of the most relevant international markets. We do the same abroad as in Brazil: business excellence.


Pipeline Venture Builder is a growth machine, driven by proprietary methods already proven in the investment and M&A markets, through Pipeline Capital M&A ten years of expertise, that helps companies reach their best of bests pikes, before final selling.
Pipeline Venture Capital is the financial pipe that feeds investment into the Ventures ecosystem and that’s also open to invest in one of a kind investment opportunities that our experienced team could screen and find out.


The most complete maps of the technology ecosystem. We have a dedicated team researching new companies, daily, within the e-commerce, media, technology, marketing and investment ecosystem. We decided to publish and share the relevant companies from each industry and leave it open to everyone to participate in this construction.

Our proprietary methodology analyzes 22 main pillars of the company’s management and creates necessary parameters for the growth of VALUE, using references from the market where it operates.

A Global Company

We are not a traditional M&A and Investment company. We were created and are managed by entrepreneurs who are partners of the company.

Our language is technology, since 1995 we work in digital, and we learn from all the big changes in the market. So we are prepared for all the big changes that can occur!

The success stories

Our full experience with national and multinational groups, allows us to present a large portfolio in transactions. We always seek the best results for our partners.
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Cesar Paz
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Allan Fonseca
Experienced C-level with 21 years in Digital Marketing, Growth, Customer Experience, Acquisition, Media, and CRM, leading businesses in competitive environments in global companies in Brazilian and European markets as: banking, real estate, fintech, insurance and startups.

What our customers say


Always learning, exchanging and improving with the best in the business. Publishers and associations are our partners.

Scape Report

The most complete maps of the digital ecosystem

We have a dedicated team researching new companies, daily, within the e-commerce, media, technology and investment ecosystem. With a large database, we decided to publish and share together with our co-directors, relevant companies from each industry, the companies that make up this universe and we leave it open to everyone to participate in this construction.

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