Japan may regulate AI easier than Europe, closer to US view

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As the world grapples with how to deal with the rise of artificial intelligence, Japan may take a somewhat easier approach than other parts of the globe.

The East Asian country is reportedly looking into taking an approach that would be easier than the European Union and more closely related to that of the U.S., Reuters reported, citing an official close to the deliberations.

Efforts by the island nation to go easier on AI could be aided in enhancing economic growth, rebuilding its semiconductor industry and dealing with an aging workforce. The approach could also soften the blow that the European Union is trying as it seeks to make its efforts a global benchmark, the news outlet added.

The official did not add what differences Japan’s approach would have from the European Union’s approach.

Last month, Japanese tech conglomerate SoftBank (OTCPK:SFTBY) Chairman Masayoshi Son told investors that the company had shifted to “offense” regarding AI, adding that he wants the company to lead the AI revolution.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) President Brad Smith was in Europe last month to discuss regulating artificial intelligence on the continent and around the world and how the company can help.

The EU has run into delays on how to regulate AI and that companies around the world have had serious issues with the proposed AI Act and how onerous it is.

Originally published on Seeking Alpha.


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