LGPD – The importance for M&A (E-Book)

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The raison d’être of M&A and why compliance with the LGPD is vital

M&A, or Mergers & Acquisitions, is not, as many may think, just an instrument for merging and acquiring companies. He is so much more.

M&A is the link that connects and activates the open economy and business value chains, enhancing synergies between companies in the most diverse ways, optimizing their potential for expansion and growth, making them stronger and prepared for new development cycles, injecting not only financial resources, but also mentoring and advisory resources, uniting companies and strategic objectives, in addition to being responsible for the financial dynamism of all sectors in which it may operate. Today, we are talking about virtually all known economic sectors.

Pipeline Capital believes and practices these principles since its creation, 7 years ago.

The LGPD, or General Law for the Protection of Personal Data, has become the most mandatory compliance standard in Brazil today, in a market where data has become essential for business, but also in a world where the privacy of citizen and consumer information has become a temple that can no longer be invaded and disrespected.

There is no business or company today that can coexist healthily with the non-observance and adoption of the LGPD rules in the country. This is valid for the viability of its day-to-day operation, for any type and size of company, as it can be charged high amounts if it does not comply with the Law, but also for any company that wishes to enter the M&A environment.

The business of merger and acquisition of companies must, mandatorily, be carried out from now on under the aegis of the new legal pact and that is why Pipeline Capital created and produced this e-Book: to contribute to clarifying the relevance of Law in a more didactic way, without much legalese and to provide knowledge support to small and medium-sized companies, so that they definitively adopt the principles of the LGPD.

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