Manifesto 10 Years of Pipeline Capital

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In these 10 years of Pipeline Capital, we have built some beliefs and convictions.

They were born from the accumulated experience and the journey covered. And a lot of observation.

Today, 10 years after our first steps, we believe that there is a phenomenon of profound transformation happening right in the heart of modern capitalism, which we call The Capital Tech Master Change.

We believe that Capital, the engine of the most vigorous economic system created by man, is now – and will be from now on – being driven as never before by the exponential forces of digital technology and this is the most relevant and powerful evolution that will shape the future of companies and the entire capitalist system itself.

We believe that technology turns savings into integrated operating systems. Like on computers.

We believe that technology-driven economies have led to companies becoming equally technology-driven.

We believe that only Capital that can be leveraged by technology will prevail.

Therefore, we adopted the mission of our company to be Capital Tech Driven.

We are a Tech M&A company because nothing, neither in economies nor in companies, will stop being Tech. And for us, Tech M&A will be one of the most important drivers of transformation for companies and Capital as we know it.

We completed 10 years of transforming ourselves internally and we will continue to transform ourselves in a business scenario that moves at the exponential speed of uninterrupted advances in human knowledge.

We are ready for the next 10 years. And so many more. Convinced that only technological transformation and the evolving human imagination will be the great pillars of our future.

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