Merge is an excellent option against the high interest rate

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Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital

Another blow to the tech world with SVB, Signature and the FED launching their lifesaving line of credit to the market. They chose a good spokesperson for the message, Mr. Biden.

This relevant fact demonstrates that banks are companies and that they also have adventurous managers. Yet another failure of control by the Fed. Error noted.

The immediate effect is one of caution because we’ve learned that’s how it’s done when plates shake.

We are already going through an adjustment in the price of assets and after this caution, prices will not fall anymore.

The market wants and has always wanted healthy assets, with good products, teams and consequently profitable.

If you have one, don’t worry.

If you want one, there are many, many good things on the market.

If you have a good product, a good team, but a bad result, it’s time to reflect. Merge is an excellent option against high interest rates. And it will take time to download.

Can you take debt? He can. But look, it has to have good financial modeling and a great perspective of margin and cash generation. And the market is on the American hangover. VERY judicious to give money.

Think Merge. We have already carried out many very successful operations and it is a strategic move for smart growth.

Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital

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