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Pipeline Capital, a global mergers and acquisitions company focused on technology, which completed 10 years of operation this year, has just launched its new 2022 mapping of the E-commerce industry in Brazil, carried out in partnership with E-Commerce Brasil. The map shows the presence of more than 1,030 companies in the E-commerce ecosystem, a growth of 22% compared to last year’s study, which had 853 companies.

In this mapping, companies were grouped into 9 different categories: E-Commerce / Implementation Platforms (220), Marketplaces (48), Marketing / Sales (254), Payments (81), Customer Service (73), Logistics (141) , Management (127), Support (46), Security (25). Then, these same categories were divided into another 37 subcategorizations.

The Marketing / Sales group, in turn, is the area that includes the largest number of subcategories (8), among which the most prominent “planet” is Digital Marketing / Performance Agencies (96 companies). In another analysis, the highest average changes by category were: growth of 34% in the Payments category, 30% in Logistics and 27% in Management.

“The evolutionary map presents the current stage of the E-Commerce industry in Brazil, with a complete and easy-to-read design of the entire ecosystem of this important industry that grows and fosters an increasingly solid ecosystem in our country”, comments Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital.

Since 2018, Pipeline Capital has had a team dedicated to researching new companies within the technology and innovation ecosystem in Brazil. From a large database, Pipeline has published and shared, together with co-producers, relevant studies covering various sectors with the aim of spreading knowledge and generating new business.

“It is an immense joy to participate with the Pipeline Capital team in the creation and dissemination of the Scape Report E-Commerce 2022. In these 25 years of mine in e-commerce, I have been able to accompany the most diverse categories and companies in the study to emerge, grow and consolidate. It was an honor to expose the map of our market during the 13th edition of the E-Commerce Brasil Forum on the 26th and 27th of July at the Transamérica Expo in São Paulo. It was impressive to see the more than 18,000 delegates at the event stopping in front of the gigantic map (32 square meters stamped in front of the Marketing & Sales auditorium) to take a picture of the map and look for the companies in our ecosystem, with special emphasis on the Sponsors of Project E -Commerce Brasil 2022”, pointed out Samuel Gonsales, Relationship Director of E-Commerce Brasil.

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