Pipeline Capital and digitaliza.ai launch the first interactive Scape Report

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Pipeline Capital, a global technology-focused merger and acquisition company, creator of the Scape Reports, which have consolidated themselves as a guide to business opportunities for the Technology sector, has joined forces with digitaliza.ai, a digital solutions marketplace that was invested in by StartSe, to launch the first interactive Escape Report. The new channel unites Pipeline’s content and curation to the digitaliza.ai platform with the aim of transforming the map of the main Adtech and Martech companies in Brazil into something alive and with interactive experiences.

For companies that register on the platform, with the aim of negotiating one of its tools, a page (showcase) will be made available to present details of their company and solutions as a direct channel for lead generation. In addition, it will be possible to check detailed metrics about accesses, interests and leads on your page, as well as Insights with strategic information about your company’s positioning in the Categories and Subcategories that it is inserted.

As for buyers, Scape provides more detailed information about each company and its solutions, organized by category filters and dynamic subcategories, making it easier to discover the best opportunity for your needs. It is also possible to check reviews of each company and solution to facilitate the analysis in the purchase process.

Scape Report offers two subscription options for the tools, one free and one paid. What differs Scape Free from Scape Premium is the list of features and data intelligence offered through a complete dashboard. Below we can see the differences.

escape free

Search and filter companies and services

Filters by categories

Meet new companies and services

Understand details and solutions offered by hundreds of companies

Present solution in detail to potential buyers

“Verified by Escape Report” stamp

scape premium

Growth: Vision of your leads with qualified and enriched information

Analytics: Daily access to success metrics such as clicks, hits, traffic, solution NPS and category average

Insights: Exclusive data intelligence available on a real-time updated dashboard with product data cross-referenced with competitors and market averages

5 accesses for each company’s team to monitor the performance of their solution

Management of reviews, comments, images and all content on the product page

Widget to insert reviews directly on the company’s website

The subscription to Scape Premium costs BRL 999.00 per month, but it has a promotional value for companies that join the plan until 12/31.

“Our goal is to simplify and democratize access to digital marketing and advertising solutions. We believe that with Scape in the form of a marketplace we can help companies discover new solutions, as well as facilitate the growth of technology providers in this market.”, comments João Carvalho, founder of digitaliza.ai

The platform has institutional support from IAB Brasil and Meio&Mensagem as a Strategic Business Partner.

For professionals who use the Maps of the digital ecosystem as a way to update themselves on the market and seek new solutions for their businesses, the new platform will bring news such as greater detailing of companies, their services and functionalities, the possibility of filtering companies by needs and open direct contact through the platform.

For the companies listed in the Scape Report, the project will also bring news with the aim of facilitating the way in which they relate to potential interested parties, ranging from analytical data on the demand for solutions in their category (and their own functionalities), to the possibility of open up new business opportunities. In other words, the interactive Scape Report will behave very similarly to a marketplace for products and services, but with a focus on Martech and Adtech technology solutions.
Through the research and curatorship carried out by Pipeline Capital and digitaliza.ai, hundreds of companies are already being cataloged for the project and others are making their own registrations and enriching their profiles with customized data and information.
The new platform can be accessed through https://scape.report/adtech-martech

“The evolutionary mapping presents the current stage of the Martechs and Adtechs industry in Brazil. In it, a movement that has been taking place in recent years is very clear, where the two sectors, which have always coexisted and operated synergistically in the market, are now linked by technological ties”, explains Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital.

Variety of companies and categories

This year’s study points to the presence of more than 800 Martechs and Adtechs across the country. In this mapping, companies were grouped into eight distinct categories, namely Adstack (187), Business Intelligence (170), Infra Tech (72), Creative Suite (71), Social & Activation (39), Support (52), Metrics (35) and Performance (222). Then, these same categories were divided into another 41 subcategories.

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