Pipeline Capital is an advisor in the purchase of JotaCOM by FSB Comunicação

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The union between FSB Holding and the JotaCOM agency was finalized this week, which amplifies the look of technology, data intelligence and creative planning at the service of customers for all companies in the holding company. The operation was advised by Pipeline Capital Tech, a global technology-focused merger and acquisition company. This acquisition takes place one year after FSB acquired Giusti Comunicação, another press office, which again had the help of Pipeline Capital.

“The media and communication ecosystem has been heated in Brazil. First, because there is room for consolidation. And then, because it no longer makes sense to focus only on the expertise that gave rise to the business, since diversification is in the DNA of any company’s growth”, says Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital.

Founded by current CEO Jurgis Figueiredo in 2005, Jotacom currently has VPs João Passarinho Netto (Creative Strategy) and Fábio Mello (Creative Execution) who joined the company in 2012 and will continue to lead the agency’s operations. The company employs more than 100 professionals and has clients such as SulAmérica, Duolingo, EspaçoLaser, Privalia, Hospital Albert Einstein and Sicredi in its portfolio of more than 25 clients.

“The arrival of JotaCom is another step in the consolidation of FSB Holding in the communication market. This is the seventh brand in our portfolio, which includes Loures, Giusti, Instituto de Pesquisa, F5, Beon and Bússola. With this, we increased our offer and presence in the private sector. Consolidating all the holding companies, the forecast is to close the year with around 400 million in revenue, which is only possible due to the work and dedication of all 10 controlling partners and more than 20 managing partners within the Sociedade FSB program” – reinforces Marcos Trindade, CEO of FSB holding.

The founder of FSB, Francisco Soares Brandão, has believed since he was born in the company in this practice of always bringing profiles that are increasingly complementary. “My biggest obsession has always been to set up the best agency in Brazil. Being the biggest should be a consequence of that. With the transformation of the market, our business model has evolved. We have become an integrated ecosystem of solutions, focused on delivering more than our customers expect and with the best team in the market”, he points out.

What JotaCom has built in recent years reinforces the perfect match for the company’s moment. An agency with the best performance perspective and with the knowledge that Jota has in the market only adds and gives more robustness to the group of companies in the holding ”, explains Diego Ruiz, partner and responsible for the M&A front and who was in charge of the well -successful mergers of Loures Consultoria and Giusti Creative PR in 2018 and 2021, respectively.

The universe of marketing is not new to FSB, which has been creating and running advertising campaigns in all media for years. “In 2021, we put 65 campaigns on the street and ran BRL 90 million in media through our Innovation & Insights area, I2, led by Jaderson de Alencar at FSB and Cauê Madeira at Loures”, reinforces partner Alexandre Loures. “This union with JotaCom will allow us to make a leap of several years in data management, marketing and digital platforms. It is difficult to find an independent Brazilian communication consulting holding company with the delivery and execution capacity we have today”, he adds.

Alexandre will be responsible for integrating the operation, supported by Augusto Martins, who has been in charge of the holding’s back office until now and assumes the strategic position of heading up the financial and operational accommodation of new brands. Davi Nogueira arrives at FSB holding to succeed him as the company’s new CFO.

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