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The full stack strategic design consultancy No One announces the purchase of the digital product consultancy Kiddo.cx. The operation was brokered by Pipeline Capital Tech.

“No One’s proposal is to transform the corporate world through design, showing its potential for generating business results, and helping organizations to design better products, services and experiences for their users. With this acquisition, we are increasingly connected with the most relevant technology and experience of digital products, from UX to CX”, says Mariana Gutheil, co-founder and CEO of No One.

Despite the crisis caused by the pandemic, No One grew 50% in the last two years. Kiddo advanced 70% last year. The operation will enhance the services offered and allow for a synergy of portfolios, with the aim of growing 100% in the next two years in projects nationwide.

The Kiddo brand will be incorporated into No One, as well as all its professionals. Today the company has offices in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, collaborators throughout Brazil, in addition to representation in Portugal. The expectation is to grow the professional staff later this year — there are open positions.

For Adriano Ribeiro, co-founder and CEO of Kiddo — who now assumes a position in the group’s holding as operations and business director — the new stage will bring a more robust and differentiated structure to the entire operation. “We are going to accelerate the business even further, strengthening the ability to materialize strategies in digital products and services, in addition to all the design, strategy and research capabilities that No One already has”, explains Ribeiro.

Founded in 2014, Kiddo arrives with a portfolio of digital products for clients such as Allianz, Bayer, Vivo, Santander, Votorantim, Claro, TIM, Porto Seguro.

Among No One’s main clients are Renner, Google, Grupo Boticário, Localiza, Bayer, Reckitt-Benckiser, Klabin, Camicado and Sicredi. In common, companies are going through a process of digital transformation.

“Our partnership with No One was fundamental in the transformation process that Renner is going through. The consultancy supported us in the construction of structuring projects at the company, allowing this unique and profound lens of the users’ perspectives to be translated into strategy and tools”, says Alessandra Shargorodsky, Director of Architecture, Engineering and Expansion at Renner. “Beyond knowledge undeniable expertise in design methods and tools, No One stood out for its in-depth knowledge of our business”

While No One is very strong in strategic design, which directs the transformation of organizations, Kiddo’s expertise brings consistency and agility to the construction of digital products. As a design company born from technology and having extensive expertise in this intersection, the acquisition will make it possible to advance in the implementation of digital solutions that accelerate this transformation of brands and businesses. And also to reinforce the value proposition of design for organizations.

Pipeline Capital Tech, a global mergers and acquisitions company focused on technology, was an advisor in the acquisition of Kiddo by No One. Founded in 2012, Pipeline Capital Tech is a global business excellence company made for the tech driven world. Its team of partners has 25 years of experience in AdTech, MarTech, Fintech, E-commerce, LogTech, ISP Tech, HealthTech and EduTech, among others, with operations throughout Brazil, in addition to strategic international markets.

Check out, in full, the article published in Exame today: https://exame.com/marketing/consultoria-full-stack-no-one-compra-kiddo-de-produtos-digitais/

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