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Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital.

The survey is from Innovid, an adtech and media performance measurement platform. Advertisers pressured by rising costs in the face of high inflation are migrating from some of the most traditional media platforms of recent decades, tech platforms and linear TV, to bet more on retail media and Connected TV. Notably advertisers of CPG, or large-scale consumer products.

One thing goes hand in hand with the other, actually. The consumption data that retail media operations are able to deliver can be crossed with the interactive media opportunities that CTV provides, creating an interconnected symbiosis that optimizes short-term results (venin sales) in a very immediate way.

The traditional 30-second commercials and other video formats that run on CTV are distributed in retail ad marketplaces and media marries sales to live happily ever after.

Advertisers had (and still have, in fact) the opportunity given homes to reach their audiences in a very accurate way with mobile and social media. It goes on. However, the intertwining of retail media with CTV is growing more than any other sector because it combines this same assertiveness with consumer communication also on cell phones, but strongly in the TV room of consumers’ homes.

Through CTV streaming, 70% of households (this data also applies to Brazil) can be reached by the media that runs on retail networks. Since we are talking about media and consumption followed together in real time.

Retail Data anabolizes CTV and CTV optimizes Retail Media results. That simple. But innovative like that.

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital.

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