Salesforce pioneer announces third acquisition in 2022.

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“Combining our strengths with highly specialized companies, we expanded the delivery capacity of our service platform in Cloud, Mobile and Salesforce projects in order to implement an even more complete and scalable digital journey for our customers”, says Rodrigo Frizzi, Chief Digital Officer of BRQ.

BRQ Digital Solutions, a leading company in building transformation journeys, has just closed another M&A integrating the services of TOPi, one of the main Salesforce partners in Brazil (Platinum Consulting Partner) with 13 years of pioneering in the market. TOPi currently has 150 professionals and more than 200 clients around the world, it is a platinum level partner of the CRM platform in the world and a reference in large Salesforce implementation and consulting projects.

“With the new acquisition, we created scale to emerge in new strategic markets and solidly drive our growth. Our expertise in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, connected to TOPi’s know-how in Salesforce will enhance the consumer experience and help our customers to have the best relationship management. If the customer grows, so do we. This is the reason for our investment”, says Antonio Rodrigues, Chief Investor Relations Officer at BRQ.

For Wendel Lemos, CEO and founder of TOPi, the move represents the creation of a robust structure to offer Salesforce solutions services to current and future customers. “As part of BRQ, we leverage our commitment to elevate companies to success with innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies and know-how of more than a decade to generate business value”.

TOPi is the third recent acquisition by the company, which this semester integrated the operations of BMSIX and Livetouch to the portfolio of services.

Article originally published by Exame.

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