Venture Builders: What are they and how do they help startups

Venture Builders: What are they and how do they help startups?

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What is a Venture Builder?

A Venture Builder, also known as a “startup factory,” is an organization specialized in the creation, development, and acceleration of startups. It provides comprehensive support from ideation to market consolidation, acting as a co-founder and providing financial, operational, and intellectual resources.

Unlike accelerators and incubators, Venture Builders are deeply involved in the daily operations of startups, helping to build scalable and sustainable businesses.

Venture Builders and the new economy

In the context of the new economy, characterized by rapid technological evolution and innovative business models, Venture Builders play a fundamental role. They not only help create new startups but also provide the necessary support for these companies to grow sustainably and scalably.

Traditional companies can create their own venture builders to develop technological solutions internally, ensuring competitiveness and continuous innovation. Examples of companies that have adopted this strategy include Google and Microsoft.

Key benefits:
  • Access to Funding: Facilitation of access to financial resources and increased investor confidence.
  • Team Development: Building innovative teams and talent allocation.
  • Hands-on: Daily involvement in startup operations, offering support in business modeling, legal, people management, and marketing.

Differences between Venture Builders and other programs

  • Focus: Initial stages (Pre-Seed and Seed).
  • Support: Mentorship, administrative services, and office space.
  • Compensation: Rental fees, equity participation, and revenue sharing.

  • Focus: Growth stages with a validated business model.
  • Support: Training, coworking, and facilitation of fundraising.
  • Compensation: Equity participation (5% to 15%).

Venture Builders:
  • Focus: Creation and development of startups at various stages.
  • Support: Product development, marketing, sales, recruitment, finance, and access to investors.
  • Participation: Generally hold equity in the companies they create.

How to join a Venture Building program?

To join a Venture Building program, such as the one offered by Pipeline Capital’s Scale Ventures, it is essential for the startup to have a structured business model aligned with the goals of the Venture Builder. Here are some steps to prepare:

Structured business model: Organize and present your idea clearly.

Direct contact: Many Venture Builders, including Scale Ventures, don’t open calls for applications, so it is important to contact them directly to check the selection process.

Performance and alignment: Demonstrating the viability and growth potential of your business is crucial to attract the interest of a Venture Builder. Scale Ventures, for example, analyzes the main pillars of company management and creates the necessary parameters for value growth.

Scale Ventures by Pipeline Capital: The Venture Building solution

Scale Ventures by Pipeline Capital is an example of a Venture Building program that enhances the growth and maturation of startups for a future liquidity event. With over 12 years of expertise in the investment and M&A market, Pipeline Capital has developed a proprietary methodology that helps companies achieve their potential results before the final sale.

Characteristics of Scale Ventures

Growth Machine: Uses proprietary and proven methodologies to drive startup growth.

Investment Rating: Analysis of the main pillars of company management, creating the necessary parameters for value growth.

Scaling-Up: Focus on structuring processes and creating a robust M&A thesis to scale operations.

Know How for Equity: Partnership that enhances the growth and maturation of companies, acting more assertively and quickly than in a stand-alone growth process.


Venture Builders are fundamental to the startup ecosystem, offering a business model that combines the development of new companies with operational and financial support. They are an efficient alternative for entrepreneurs seeking not only capital but also expertise and resources to transform their ideas into scalable and sustainable businesses.

Scale Ventures by Pipeline Capital exemplifies how a Venture Building program can help startups grow sustainably and achieve successful liquidity events. With a hands-on approach and proprietary methodology, Pipeline Capital positions itself as a strategic partner for startups looking to grow sustainably and scalably.

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