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Note: Use this material as a guide, the value ranges tend to change a lot depending on the segment and even the style of the investor.

If you are looking for investment for your company, there is a right type for the stage your business is at. You may need investment at any stage of your business, so it is important to know each type of investment available to go after what is most suitable for your company’s moment. So let’s go to them:

Angel Investment: Made by entrepreneurs who seek to allocate their resources, knowledge and experience in innovative companies. This type of investment is for start-up companies that are not yet on the market and do not have customers and products. Investments in this phase are usually between R$ 50,000 and R$ 500,000.

Seed Capital: Focused on companies that already have defined customers and products and seek support for implementation and organization of operations to establish their brand in the market. Here, investments range from R$ 500,000 to R$ 2 million

Venture Capital: Aimed at small and medium-sized companies, still in the development phase and with growth potential. The focus is: companies that intend to accelerate their operations in order to expand in the market. Funds of this type invest an average of R$ 2 million and R$ 10 million.

Private Equity: Ideal investment fund for companies that are already well developed and consolidated in the market. This type of investment fund is responsible for mergers and acquisitions of large companies. Here, investors usually make contributions of more than R$10 million, and in publicly traded companies or companies that are in the process of going public.

So, what stage is your entrepreneurial initiative at?

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