Brazil has a record for mergers and acquisitions in the first half

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) broke a record in Brazil in the first half, a trend that should be repeated in the 12 months of 2022, evaluates PwC Brasil. In the period, there were 807 transactions, led by the technology sector. The numbers exceed 706 deals closed in the same period of 2021, a year in which there was a record 1,659 operations. “Despite experiencing some political and economic instability, M&A numbers have not stopped growing for some time now”, says Leonardo Dell’Oso, partner at PwC Brasil.
The largest operations in the first half of this year took place in the financial sector. In April, Itaú Unibanco bought 11.3% of XP for R$7.9 billion. The biggest seller was private equity firm General Atlantic. In another transaction, in January, the American manager GQG Partners bought 5.23% of the shares of Itaú, in an operation worth R$ 5.9 billion. In total, there were 76 operations in the segment, which represented 9.42% of the total.

But it is the technology sector that has led M&A operations for over ten years. In 2022, until June, they reached 360 and represented 45.72% of all transactions. An example was CloudWalk, in February. The payment company that operates the InfinitePay machine raised BRL 2.1 billion through Genial and Itaú BBA. In April, Unico, a biometrics startup, received an investment of BRL 625 million in an investment round led by Goldman Sachs.

Article originally published by Valor Investe.

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