Pipeline Group acquires Capiza and launches two new Venture units.

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With this union, Pipeline Capital enters the shared financing market through equity participation and expands its presence in debt and credit operations.

Pipeline Capital Tech Investment Group acquires Capiza, a financial consulting firm specialized in debt, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and financial management. “Combining our expertise complements the offerings to clients and makes perfect sense for Capiza and Pipeline,” says Alberto Sansiviero, co-founder of the consulting firm and now a board member of the group’s holding company.

Sansiviero joins Pipeline Group to lead two new business units, Collective, an equity crowdfunding platform, and D&C, the company’s debt and credit area, as well as strengthening its M&A activity, expanding sectoral coverage. Equity crowdfunding is an operation that provides shared financing through share ownership.

“From its origins as an M&A boutique, Pipeline is consolidating, ten years later, as a 3.0 investment group, now with crowdfunding and debt and credit offerings,” explains Alon Sochaczewski, founder, and CEO of the group.

Capiza and Sansiviero have diverse experience and successful cases in different sectors, including automotive, infrastructure, energy, retail, education, food, animal protein, mining, packaging, clothing, security, pet market, marketing, events, and health, having completed, on March 31st, an M&A advisory to the partners of VisoClínica Centro de Oftalmologia in the integration of their businesses into the Vision One group.

Pipeline Group currently has over $1 billion under management and consolidated operations in Latin America and Europe. The forecast is to close 2023 with about 20 operations carried out. The goal is to launch its Venture Building units this year, with the launch of a Venture Capital fund planned for 2024.

In 2022, Pipeline participated in seven operations, namely the purchase of Noknox by QuintoAndar, Corebiz by WPP, Akna by Hi Platform, Kiddo by No One, M3 by Cadastra, Jotacom by FSB, and the Peppery MBO.

Infomoney: M&A entre especialistas em M&A: Pipeline Capital Tech compra Capiza


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