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Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech.

“If you don’t see virtually all companies empowered or on the way to being empowered by and by Artificial Intelligence you are not looking right”

Look right there, I mean, look at any company and tell me what you see.

If you don’t see virtually every company empowered or on the way to being empowered by and by Artificial Intelligence, you’re not looking right. Or, what would be much worse, he’s not seeing straight.

Last year’s McKinsey survey showed that close to 60% of the companies consulted declared that they had already adopted some type of AI in their corporate chain. This was almost 60% more than the same survey captured in 2020. Because I bet that if the consultancy does a new wave of the survey now, it will find something close to 70% more. And, in 2023, this should reach (says the Pyr Marcondes Institute of Futurism) a level of more than 80%. So somewhere around 2025 we hit 100%.

When we look and think about AI, we can run the risk of imagining something that is still extremely complex and indecipherable, for few. It is not. Not anymore.

Numerous very simple platforms developed by small companies in many corners of the world already use Artificial Intelligence in their solutions on a daily basis. In a little while we won’t even talk about her with so much attention and (still) strangeness, because she will stop being a blue egg, to become an absolute mainstream. Like electricity.

So, right now, we are witnessing the awakening of companies 100% empowered by AI. And that changes everything regarding management, production, distribution and marketing for all companies. There will not be (as is already planned) any corporate instance not embedded by Artificial Intelligence. It is Industry 4.0, managed by the 5G office (5G technology will be one of the enablers of this whole dissemination).

Research from the Harvard Business Review shows that the areas where AI is most used in companies today are industrial operating sectors, product development and services, and marketing and sales. The cost effectiveness of companies is already being affected and anabolized by AI. We will be facing companies that are more agile, more precise, more organized, more effective and more profitable. With a degree of automation unprecedented in history.

This will eventually contaminate – positively – the economies. McKinsey estimates that AI will add $13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade.

The biggest bottleneck to this last-mile sprint is the resilient corporate culture. Slowness and risk-averse management and innovation. Resistance to experiment and adoption of the new.

There is this also in every company we lay eyes on.

Because this mentality of leave it as it is to see how it is will die hit by the bullet train of the radical digital transformation of AI. There will be no conservative executive left over conservative executive along the way.

To overcome this hurdle, companies need to:

  1. Stop looking at AI as a monster and embrace it much more like a pet, since it is inside our homes and businesses;
  2. Abandon the management dynamics in silos and adopt once and for all the logic of the platform company, in which everything is integrated;
  3. Foster your transformation by adopting agile as a tool and the mindset that making mistakes is the best way to get it right, and that testing and pivoting are the very best dynamics in the development of companies from today.

We are going to see this spectacle of 100% AI-powered companies in a very short time. The logic of capital will be transformed by this. The global economy will optimize with this. You and I will work in companies very different from the ones we work in today precisely because of this. Ultimately, all of society as we know it will be reordered because of this.

It’s not little. Well, it’s almost everything.

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech.

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