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Pipeline Capital Tech is an advisor for the acquisition of Akna by Hi Platform

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Hi Platform, the first Customer Experience Journey platform in Brazil, has just announced the acquisition of digital marketing company Akna. The move is part of the business’s accelerated growth strategy, which provides for the creation of a complete ecosystem with solutions that allow for more personalized interactions between brands and consumers. The operation was intermediated by Pipeline Capital Tech, which this year completes 10 years of operation.

Four more acquisitions are planned by the end of 2023, so Hi Platform is looking at companies in the CX ecosystem that have the potential to help companies impact their customers along the journey. Regardless of the number of future acquisitions, Hi Platform intends to break the BRL 100 million mark in revenue. For this, the company has a contribution of BRL 35 million received in an investment round led by XMS Partners Investimentos, in September 2021.

With the acquisition of 100% of Akna, Hi Platform expands its customer base from 1,300 to 2,000, in addition to increasing its revenue, from R$ 80 million to R$ 100 million in 2022. grows from 250 to more than 300 people. In addition, the combination of companies increases the number of monthly interactions with consumers, from 400 million to more than 600 million.

“We are looking for businesses that complement our existing products. We found in Akna the ideal match. They created one of the first e-mail marketing platforms in the country, in 2005. Since then, they have managed to achieve a lot of recognition in this area. With this expertise on the Hi platform, we will help our clients to attract more consumers and sell more through the digital environment. With this combination of Akna’s e-mail marketing system and Hi’s platform, we are able to better retain customers after-sales, as we will have all the information about consumers, to be able to offer more personalized interactions”, highlights Marcelo Pugliesi, CEO from HiPlatform.

“One of the points that made us negotiate with Hi was that the company’s philosophy will remain and will naturally recombine with future movements. In addition, I highlight Pipeline’s differentiated intermediation model that helped us find the ideal company for this deal”, says Akna’s CEO, Marcos Fiore.

He also check out the article published in Exame today: https://exame.com/pme/hi-platform-empresa-quer-controlar-sua-jornada-de-compra/

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