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A skilled strategist needs to be open to advice and information from different sources, as Sun Tzu famously stated in the book “The Art of War.” There’s no shortage of examples showing how essential it is to have strategic partnerships on the road to success: Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Although it’s not a war or a championship per se, the entrepreneur’s journey is a path filled with battles – and precisely for this reason, it’s an equally challenging saga. Staying relevant in the corporate world is a complex task, as competitiveness constantly threatens even the most promising businesses. In this context, it’s crucial to recognize moments when it’s not possible to move forward alone and when seeking professional help can be the key to overcoming obstacles and boosting growth.

Venture builders emerge in the realm of small and medium-sized startups as strong catalysts for the company’s growth, guiding them to a more advanced level of performance and valuation. Often composed of entrepreneurs who have experienced the common pains of building a business, they work by surgically identifying the main points to be addressed and reorganized through clear and regulated actions. More than just consultancy or advisory processes, these builders engage in a collaborative management of the company, becoming participants in its decision-making process. Decisions that require agility and knowledge of the market landscape can be made much more easily, consistently steering the course and swiftly correcting paths.

Seeking help doesn’t signify weakness or lack of entrepreneurial competence – on the contrary, it demonstrates maturity in recognizing that shared experiences create room for new perspectives and new networks, promoting innovative insights that will elevate the level of corporate performance. After all, a prosperous future begins with a mature present.


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