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How Marc Andreessen thinks about the future of companies and the web3. We think alike.

Text by Pyr Marcondes, journalist, publicist, consultant, publisher, author, investor, M&A Tech Advisor. He is a Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital. I strongly believe

M&A as a vector of innovation, by Pyr Marcondes for Morsecast

Do you think that M&A is just for big companies, or that the M&A process only starts when your company really decides to buy

Pipeline Capital Advisors Corebiz Group Purchase by WPP

CoreBiz, a leading Latin American ecommerce agency specialising in VTEX implementation, was acquired by WPP, one of the greatest global publicity holdings. Founded in


Pipeline Capital, a global mergers and acquisitions company focused on technology, which completed 10 years of operation this year, has just launched its new

Pipeline Capital is an advisor in the purchase of JotaCOM by FSB Comunicação

The union between FSB Holding and the JotaCOM agency was finalized this week, which amplifies the look of technology, data intelligence and creative planning

The inevitable evolution of tokenization in the Brazilian financial system

New transformative waves are starting to form on the horizon, driven mainly by behavioral, regulatory and technological innovation levers. It is no longer news

District: VC investments grow in 2022

Data from the District show that risk investments in the innovation segment in Brazil have already exceeded US$ 2 billion, above the same period

Know how to work on your mental health when managing a Startup

We hear and read a lot about work-life balance, and while it’s an extremely positive concept, it misses a key point. Running a business

Factors that influence Valuation beyond financial performance

When we talk about M&A, there is no doubt that financial performance is one of the factors that most influence the valuation of your

CVM evaluates changes in FIPs to encourage investments in startups

The Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) is evaluating changes to the rules for equity investment funds (FIPs) and one of the objectives is to encourage the

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