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Why are Billion-Dollar Venture Firms Placing Such High Stakes on AI?

Bessemer Venture Partners, one of the oldest and more established venture firms in the U.S., earlier this year said it was earmarking $1 billion

What to consider when it comes to M&A

Some entrepreneurs start their companies with the dream of eventually selling their businesses, while others do not. In the case of Jared Andrade, founder

Analysis: Market expects lower interest rates amid international scenario and inflation above ‘unreal’ target.

Inflation resilience in the United States and China’s first-quarter results in 2023 are highlights of the global economy that create room for a lower

Pipeline Group acquires Capiza and launches two new Venture units.

With this union, Pipeline Capital enters the shared financing market through equity participation and expands its presence in debt and credit operations. Pipeline Capital
The first wave of academic research applying ChatGPT to the world of finance is arriving — and judging by early results, the hype of

Pipeline Capital Tech advised Guru CRM in its sale to SPOT Metrics.

SPOT Metrics, a data intelligence and customer relationship management (CRM) company focused on retail, announced its acquisition of Guru CRM, a team management solutions

Bootstrapping: Is it possible to create a company without external funding?

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey full of challenges and opportunities. At the beginning, many entrepreneurs opt for the bootstrap approach, which involves funding their

The tricks of the acqui-hire

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech. In an excellent article published by InfoMoney and authored by lawyers specializing in M&A,

It’s a bad mood and it will pass

Text by Alon Sochaczewski, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Capital Tech. It’s time for Techs. The investment market does not forgive, a crisis is

3 to 6 months: investment industry recovery time

Text by Pyr Marcondes, journalist, publicist, consultant, publisher, author, investor, M&A Tech Advisor. He is a Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital. The global economic

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