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Know how to work on your mental health when managing a Startup

We hear and read a lot about work-life balance, and while it’s an extremely positive concept, it misses a key point. Running a business

Factors that influence Valuation beyond financial performance

When we talk about M&A, there is no doubt that financial performance is one of the factors that most influence the valuation of your

CVM evaluates changes in FIPs to encourage investments in startups

The Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) is evaluating changes to the rules for equity investment funds (FIPs) and one of the objectives is to encourage the

Brazilian startups raise US$ 174.2 million in August – 2022 already exceeds 2020

Glass half full or glass half empty? This is the dilemma faced by those who observe the Venture Capital market in Brazil. Although startups captured,

The most advanced technologies adopted by companies

A beautiful study by McKinsey reveals which 15 advanced technologies are currently being adopted by companies the most. They range from quantum computing to

Brazil has a record for mergers and acquisitions in the first half

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) broke a record in Brazil in the first half, a trend that should be repeated in the 12 months of

Pipeline Capital and SEBRAE launch exclusive mapping of the startup ecosystem in Minas Gerais

An unprecedented tool for the State is a guide to business and innovation opportunities  and confirms the presence of the data-driven concept in the

Mergers and acquisitions continue to grow in 2022 in Latin America

With emphasis on Brazil, the region registered more than US$ 50 million in added value of transactions in the period. Despite all the challenges

Will startups pivot from IPO to M&A?

Article written by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech. Yes, they will. In fact, they actually already are. But first, some disclaimers.

Understand why the new ID concept is today the only solution for brands and sales

Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech. In English, they use the term Identifier to talk about it. It’s the ID.

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