Pipeline Capital launches its Scape Report in Spain, the first in Europe

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The company specialized in M&A within the Tech sector has previously developed other Scape Reports aimed at providing a compilation of companies operating in different geographies.

Pipeline Capital, a Brazilian company specializing in Tech sector M&A, has just launched its MarTech & AdTech Scape Report in Spain, a compilation of the main companies in the martech and adtech universe operating in our country. Modeled after their classic Scape Report, which covers the landscape of various Tech industries across different geographies, the company has released this map in the Spanish market (the first in Europe by the firm) to guide industry professionals and offer a clear view of the current business landscape.

Pipeline Capital has also previously compiled other Scape Reports, such as those for e-commerce, RetailTech, investment, and fintech, aiming to be a reference in the sector due to the wealth of information they provide and their impeccable presentation.

In response to this launch, André Zimmermann, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital, states:

“The Scape Report is a product of our ‘Swell’ area, which encompasses everything we do in Data, Content, and Experience. Over the 12 years we’ve been operating, we’ve gathered information on thousands of companies across various Tech industries, which not only helps us prepare for market engagements with clients—both sellers and buyers—but also fuels our content initiatives, experiences, and events with our community of clients, prospects, and strategic partners.”

Identifying and giving visibility to the most relevant companies and trends

“The goal of publishing these industry maps is to highlight the most important and emerging trends in the Tech ecosystem in each geography, reflected in the players and existing categories and subcategories,” he adds, emphasizing that, being published annually, they allow tracking the industry’s evolution and verifying significant changes, which are happening increasingly faster.

Carlos Gómez, Partner Europe, points out that Pipeline Capital, as a global tech M&A company, “has market knowledge and internal capabilities to identify the most relevant companies in sectors where technology adds differential value to the business and the industry itself.”

Therefore, the company has brought to Spain for the first time the methodology used to create Scape Reports, sharing a model that in Latin America “is recognized and valued in industries such as ecommerce, data tech, or fintech.” “Any professional interested in the Spanish adtech industry will undoubtedly appreciate having the main players in our market organized as we are now offering,” comments Carlos Gómez.

“Having completed dozens of technological M&A operations in recent years has not only allowed us at Pipeline Capital to assist buyers and sellers but also to accumulate knowledge that we now share hand in hand with PROGRAMMATIC SPAIN, which has undoubtedly shown interest and support for entrepreneurship in our country,” he concludes.

Founded in 2012 by Alon Sochaczewski, later joined by international partners Pyr Marcondes, Alberto Sansiviero, and André Zimmermann, Pipeline Capital has over 12 years of experience in the Tech M&A sector. Originating in Brazil, it has offices in LATAM, Europe, and the United States, focusing on helping companies seize merger, acquisition, purchase, or sale opportunities in the complex and highly competitive landscape of technology.

Check out the other Scape Reports by clicking here.

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Pipeline Capital launches its Scape Report in Spain, the first in Europe

The company specialized in M&A within the Tech sector has previously developed other Scape Reports aimed at providing a compilation of companies operating in

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