Investors versus you: who wins?

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Text by Pyr Marcondes, Senior Partner at Pipeline Capital Tech.

Well, for starters, it doesn’t have to be a versus game. Business is not football and your company or startup is not a training ground. But we would be naive if we didn’t recognize that there is, indeed, often, a dispute in the area between the entrepreneur and/or entrepreneur and the investors that appear in their cap table.

This happens, we all know, for an obvious and simple reason: the interests and timing of things are not always the same between the two parties.

There is no penalty there. We don’t need VAR to solve the play. The nature of the match is like that. Investors were born to encourage and support the development and growth of businesses and companies, which they do, most of the time, with masterful dribbling. I mean, really good. Goal.

It so happens that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are players of a different nature. First, it’s their business, not the investor’s (in the case of majority purchase of shares by investors, then the bug catches up… but anyway… let’s follow the reasoning here, that’s not my point). Second, and last, vital point: it is up to those who created and made the business grow to the point of deserving an investment, the leadership of the business and the crucial decisions for this to continue happening.

Come on, in the game analogy, who wins anyway? Always and always, the owner of the ball. The one who had the idea. The one who first believed in her and the one who will always have something for her that no investor will ever have.

Then, one day, you go there and sell the company.
Well, there, end of this phase of the championship.
From then on, the rules will be different. But until that time, you are the coach and the team is yours. No need to play against invaders. But the attacker is you.

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