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Some entrepreneurs start their companies with the dream of eventually selling their businesses, while others do not. In the case of Jared Andrade, founder of Qexpert, engaging in an M&A was not the initial goal. The startup, specializing in data and analytics, began to grow, scale, and acquire clients, which attracted the interest of companies looking to acquire the business.

“We started to gain visibility, and companies approached us with the intention of an M&A,” said Jared during a recent event. “Selling the startup was not our objective. We had conversations with the companies that approached us to understand the opportunities and the market,” he explained. In the beginning, the business was not prepared due to its size, scale, and experience.

When the ideal moment arrived, Qexpert connected with Cadastra, a global company specializing in marketing solutions, technology, business strategy, data, and analytics. According to Jared, the adaptations began right from the initial pitch. “We saw that there was a match and empathy between the businesses,” he pointed out. The deal was announced in January of this year.

He emphasizes that during the process, the startup cannot afford to drop the ball. “Our concern was that the M&A would not disrupt our operations. We divided the team to avoid overburdening individuals and to ensure the continuity of our operations. You can never stop paying attention to the operation,” he advises.

Thiago Bacchin, founder and CEO of Cadastra, affirms that one of the most important aspects for the company is financial stability. “It becomes much more difficult to move forward when the company is not financially organized. If it’s chaotic, it’s already the first sign that the startup is not prepared for an M&A,” he says. The organization takes into account other factors such as values, client portfolio, team, complementarity of businesses, and work model – avoiding deals with a high number of freelance employees.

Cadastra made its first acquisition in 2019 and now has a portfolio of five companies. “We hope that the founders continue in the business, buying into the big dream that we envision,” he concludes.

Pipeline Capital Tech assisted Cadastra in the acquisition process of QExpert.

Original text published on the “Fusões e Aquisições” portal.


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